Layover at Concourse
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Each apartment's contemporary style is accentuated by the historical elements of Sears Crosstown

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These relaxing short-term stay apartments draw inspiration from the storied past of Crosstown Concourse.  Highlighted are the industrial bones of the building distinguished by a clean, straightforward pallet.

While our rooms call attention to the early life of this behemoth Memphis Distribution Center, modern amenities like premium television, complimentary WiFi, Kudos bath products, full kitchens stocked with French Truck Coffee and more, provide creature comforts.


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PIPELINE - A king bedroom & one bath apartment with a full kitchen.   It's on Level 10 with northern views and large windows that combine for a spectacular view.

Communication in this giant building was critical business for Sears & Roebuck Company.  It was largely handled by a pneumatic tube system that carried orders and interoffice memorandum swiftly through the building. The streamlined system of tubes and capsules wove throughout the building to it's hub deep in the basement.  On each floor, there was a mail room from which the memos began and were collected.  Critical business and company gossip surely stemmed from this location, so what better place to spend the night than in the location of the old mail room.

ware house

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WARE HOUSE - A two bedroom & two bath apartment with a full kitchen. It's on Level 7 with southern and western views of downtown Memphis.  It can accommodate up to six people.

Sears and Roebuck Company had seven distribution centers around the country.  Housed in Memphis were all the goods necessary for daily life.  Lawn mowers, water hose, Craftsman Tools, hats, sewing machines and yes, lingerie were stored here in the warehouse until someone in the neighborhood phoned in their order.  Layover's WARE HOUSE is located in the western most portion of the building and reveals a little of the daily life working at Crosstown.  

Whether you’re in town for a girls weekend or traveling solo, WARE HOUSE is available to accommodate your needs. It features a plush king bedroom, and a generous queen bedroom.

Crow's nesT

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CROW's NEST - A king bedroom & one bath apartment with a full kitchen.  It's on Level 7 and works well as a business suite with its printer and expandable conference table.  CROW's Nest has a fascinating view into and through the building.

The warehouse leg of the building housed products on levels 3-10.  When a customer placed an order, the item was dropped in a spiral chute where it traveled down to the conveyor system on the 2nd floor.  The second floor was a city of belts and boxes and people and parcels.  Above the conveyors were mezzanines where the superintendent could look down and see that all was well or a log jam was about to happen.

Watch box


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WATCH BOX - With two queen bedrooms, two baths and a full kitchen this apartment features a full view of The Plaza, perfect for keeping your eye on the action.

Sears and Roebuck Company began as a watch sales and repair business.  With great vision, the founders parlayed their business into a retail boss.  At the Memphis distribution center, watches were kept locked away in a cage located near this Layover apartment.  With this retail history in mind, the interior of WATCH BOX is rich with images of the Memphis Sears store and stories about the watch cage as told by former employees.